Beyond Human Nature How Culture And Experience Shape

Beyond Human Nature How Culture And Experience Shape

In this period of genome tasks and mind scans, it’s miles all too clean to overestimate the role of biology in human psychology. but in this passionate corrective to the concept that DNA is future, Jesse Prinz focuses on the maximum great aspect of human nature: that nurture can complement and supplant nature, permitting our minds to be profoundly influenced via revel in and way of life.

Drawing on studies in neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology, Prinz shatters the myth of human uniformity and well-known shows how our differing cultures and existence experiences make each people unique. alongside the manner, he indicates that we can’t blame intellectual infection or dependency on our genes, and that societal elements shape gender variations in cognitive potential and sexual conduct. a much-wanted contribution to the nature-nurture debate, past Human Nature, shows us that it’s miles simplest via the lens of nurture that the spectrum of human variety becomes fully and brilliantly visible.

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