Behind The Rise Of The Radical Right

Behind The Rise Of The Radical Right

In her new preface, Jane Mayer discusses the outcomes of the latest election and Donald Trump’s success, and, despite much debate to the contrary, this is a massive success for those billionaires who’ve been pouring money in the American governmental system.

What’s America living in an era of deep and widening economic inequality? Why have even small efforts to deal with climate change has been conquered again and again? Why is it that hedge-fund billionaires cover a much lower tax rate compared to middle-class employees? Mayer traces a byzantine course of countless dollars invested by the community, revealing a staggering conglomeration of think tanks, academic institutions, media classes, courthouses, and government allies who have fallen beneath their sphere of influence. Drawing from hundreds of exclusive interviews, in addition to comprehensive scrutiny of public documents, personal papers, and courtroom proceedings, Mayer provides vivid portraits of those secretive figures behind the brand new American oligarchy and a searing look at the closely hidden agendas steering the country. Dark Cash is a vital publication for anyone who cares about the future of American politics.

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